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It's got a face that seats five!

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screencaps [Mar. 19th, 2008|09:41 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!

Last May I capped the whole movie and uploaded them, but it was in a locked community, so I figured I'd post it here too!

Guest password is: shortbus650

Photobucket decided to delete some pictures, so I zipped up the deleted ones and uploaded them :::here:::.

Also, if anyone wants a cap of a specific moment I missed, let me know and I'll cap it for you!

xx comment if you take them
xx credit is appreciated!

preview caps behind the cut.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2008|01:51 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!
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60 Icons + 1 Banner

(3) Robert Smith
(29)Shortbus (mostly James)
(6) Paul Dawson
(2) Raquel Reed
(7) MCR
(12) Noel Fielding related (The Mighty Boosh, Goth Detectives)

(1) The Cure


@ my http://misery-passion.livejournal.com/8084.html#cutid1
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RSS FEED [Nov. 29th, 2007|02:26 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!

[mood |draineddrained]

It's not a community, it's just a feed...I dont control it or anything.

I've made an RSS of jaybrannan.blogspot.com (Jay's new blog) so I can read it on my flist page, because I know I wont do it if I have to go to a url [/lazy]


Anyway, thought others might be interested to read it from their flist too.
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Jay Brannan [Aug. 13th, 2007|07:05 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!

[music |Jay Brannan - Body's a Temple]

Hey there,

I have recently opened a fansite (& fanlisting) for Jay and was wondering if anyone would be interested in an LJ community for him?

If there is enough interest & people are willing to contribute, please comment here and let me know (^_^)

Here is a link to my fansite:

Thanks (^_^)
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new community for scott matthew [Aug. 2nd, 2007|12:23 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!

Trying to be a good friend and help scott market his upcoming album...

need to connect the shortbus fans and the anime ones...

join join join. it'll be informative & fun.


the only post i have now is a collection of his anime songs... listen.
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Is James Character... [Jul. 27th, 2007|04:51 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!

[mood |highhigh]

I'm watching a clip of "The Mountain King" and I don't know if Paul Dawson is being type casted or sumthin' but, is ith supposed to be the same character? They are both hustlers who don't allow themselves to be penetrated. It just kinda confused me and got me thinking. What do ya think?

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the shortbus - stuff [Jan. 20th, 2007|11:16 pm]
It's got a face that seats five!

[music |hitomi / TAIONN]

(new link 24.09.2007)
the full (all 18 songs) Offical Soundtrack from =) found in web by me & uploaded by me
[if linky becomes unavailible - tell me. i'll fucking beat it XD]

63 mb, MPEG-4 AAC LC, 186.572 secs, 128 kbps, 44100 Hz

Jay Brannan's (Ceth, yes, he IS a singer) mp3s from his website (http://www.jaybrannan.com)


lots of great screencaps there, godbless them..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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